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AbcJili cc Promotion - Golden opportunity for players

AbcJili cc is one of the leading reputable online bookmakers in the Philippines. With many years of experience in the field of online betting, AbcJili cc Casino has attracted a large number of players to participate. To thank customers, AbcJili cc Casino regularly launches attractive promotions. In this article, we will introduce to you some promotions currently running at AbcJili Cc so you have more chances to win and take home gifts.

Promotions are being applied at ABCJili Casino CC

Beyond the allure of ABCJILI’s beauty, fairness, and clarity lies a hidden gem that captivates every player’s heart: our unparalleled generosity!

At ABCJILI, we shower our cherished Filipino players with an abundance of irresistible promotions. Each week, we unveil new and exciting offers, embodying our unwavering commitment to placing our customers at the very core of our operations.

Listed below is just a tantalizing glimpse of the promotions currently gracing our virtual realm. But be warned: once you dive deeper, the treasure chest of rewards will leave you breathless!


Promotion Details:

Deposit via Paymaya ,  can get an EXTRA 2% bonus for every transaction!


Deposit ₱10,000 and get a total amount of ₱10,200. Minimum deposit of ₱100 or more, Top up with Paymaya ,  Bonus will automatically transfer to your account.
Click Statement > Promotion to check your Bonus, No Extra Fee! 3x turnover to withdraw!



Promotion Details:
1. Daily Rebates: Rebates are calculated daily from 00:00 to 23:59 and will be issued the next day before 3:00PM in Manila time (GMT+8).

2. Daily rebates are awarded daily and are subject to 1x wagering before withdrawals are made.

Important Notes:
1. Sabong and lottery games do not participate in any rebate distribution.
2. Rebate needs 1 times turnover, no game limit.
3. Remember to collect your betting rebate every day.

🎁 Novice mission rewards, the total rewards up to ₱8888

Terms & Conditions: 
1.This offer is only applicable to members who register same day and have made a deposit.
2.Mobile phone number must be verified to enjoy the above promotional conditions.
3.The bonus is only applicable to electronic slot machines, card games, and fishing games.
4.Our company  reserves the right to change, modify, and cancel any promotion or conditions at any time, especially for group or joint games, without the consent of members.
5.All promotional activities, terms, and conditions are subject to the knowledge of our company.
6.When players use promotional bonuses for game bets, they will not receive any rebate on the bonus bet amount, but the withdrawal turnover will be calculated normally.

Novice mission rewards, the total rewards up to ₱8888

🎁 Daily VIP GOLDEN EGG Bonus Up to ₱88,888

Promotion Details:
1.All VIP1 and above members can participate in this promotion
2.The higher level,the higher bonus and daily bonus can reach up to₱88,888
3. Once complete the requirements, you will be qualified to claim GOLDEN EGG.

Promotion Conditions:
1.Member at least have a complete valid bets 10 eligible to apply for this bonus
2.Member must Verified the mobile number.
3.Member must remember to claim their rewards every day. If you forget the procedure has to be restarted.
4.Each member can claim 1 TICKET per day
5.Turnover requirement x3


Daily VIP GOLDEN EGG Bonus Up to ₱88,888

🎁 120% WELCOME BONUS UP TO ₱88,888!

Promotion Details:
120% Welcome Bonus For New Member :
1. You can claim for the 120% WELCOME BONUS in TOTAL.
2. As you deposit the amount and apply for the welcome bonus.
3. You can apply the welcome bonus
4. This promotion is for Slot Games  only.
5. This offer does not enjoy any rebate bonus.
6. 8x valid bet turnover subjected before withdrawal.
7. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion offer.

Important Notice:
1. You can enjoy the deposit bonus for your first 5 times deposit.
2. Minimum Deposit of ₱100.
3. Bonus valid bet turnover calculation: ( Total deposit amount + Bonus ) X 8.
4. Example: You deposit for the first time with ₱100, you can get extra ₱30 for the bonus.
    (₱100+₱30) X 8 = ₱1040 (Valid bet turnover, have to complete before withdrawal).

120% Welcome Bonus up to ₱88,888!


ABCJILI VIP Exclusive Benefits
Eligible Participants: All members of ABCJILI
Duration: Ongoing
On the ABCJILI platform, all deposits are accumulated according to the amount. VIP-level rewards can be obtained once the cumulative amount reaches the respective level standards. The highest VIP cumulative bonus can reach ₱50,000 with the ABCJILI game upgrade mode activated. Generous bonuses offer a unique experience of the ABCJILI VIP ranking!
Terms and Conditions:
1. Each player can only use one account. Using the same IP address, bank account, and contact phone number is prohibited. Players with multiple or fraudulent accounts will not be eligible to participate in this promotion.
2. If any member is found to be abusing this offer, ABCJILI reserves the right to cancel all bonuses awarded to any member.

Conditions for receiving Promotions at ABCJILI Casino

Embark on a Rewarding Odyssey at AbcJili Casino
To unlock the treasure chest of AbcJili Casino’s promotions, intrepid explorers must embark on a quest that fulfills the following decrees:
✨ Bear allegiance as a sworn member of AbcJili Casino’s noble order.
✨ Forge an eternal connection by registering an account at AbcJili Casino’s hallowed halls.
✨ Dedicate oneself to fulfilling the enigmatic requisites of each enticing promotion.
✨ Prove valor by achieving the minimum bet thresholds that guard each promotion’s treasures.
✨ Only those new to the realm or registered members may partake in these illustrious adventures.
Alas, pursuing one promotion shall cast a spell that forbids the simultaneous embrace of others.


Indulge in the thrill and excitement at AbcJili Casino, where exceptional promotions await to enhance your gaming experience like never before. Embark on an epic journey filled with diverse incentives designed to captivate and reward every player.
With each promotion, you’ll unlock an abundance of opportunities to maximize your winnings and reap exclusive rewards. Registering an account is a breeze, granting you instant access to a world of bonuses, tournaments, and exclusive promotions.
At AbcJili Casino, your gaming adventure is destined for greatness. Embrace the thrill, participate in the promotions, and seize the golden opportunity to strike it rich and claim extraordinary gifts awaits. Let Lady Luck be your guide as you navigate through our enticing offers and emerge as a true winner.