The authorized ecosystem of Jili Games

Introducing Jili Games

Jili Games is a reputable online casino game provider that produces exclusive and innovative games, always aiming for excellence and innovation. With many years of experience in this field, Jili Game has created a diverse and attractive game portfolio, including traditional casino games as well as new and innovative games.

Special Features - Jili Games

Easy to set up and update: Jili Game games are designed to attract and retain players with great interactivity and excellent user experience.
Custom missions and winning cards: Jili Game allows online casinos to create individual missions and goals for players, adding to the fun and excitement of the game.

Login event - Jili Games

Login events are integrated into Jili Games game, helping to reward and increase the fun for players when they log into their accounts.

Jili Games authorized ecosystem

One of Jili Game strengths is its diverse and comprehensive authorization ecosystem, which makes it easy for online casinos to integrate and offer attractive games to their customers. This ecosystem includes the following authorizations:

FBJili Casino

FBJili Casino is an authorization designed specifically for bookmakers operating on the Facebook platform. With a friendly interface and optimal user experience, FBJili Casino offers online casinos an effective solution to reach and attract players on this popular social network.


Salient features

✅ Seamless integration with Facebook
✅ Friendly interface and easy-to-use
✅ Cross-platform support (desktop, mobile)
✅ Optimal user experience

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CKJili Casino

CKJili Casino is authorized by Jili Game for online casinos operating on mobile platforms. With an optimized small-screen design and an excellent mobile user experience, CKJili Casino helps bookmakers reach and attract many mobile players.


Salient features

🎯 Optimized for mobile experience
🎯 It has a beautiful interface and is easy to use
🎯 Cross-platform support (iOS, Android)
🎯 Ultimate user experience

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YesJili Casino

YesJili Casino is Jili Games’ authorization for online casinos that operate on traditional web platforms. With a beautiful design and powerful performance, YesJili Casino delivers a great gaming experience to desktop players.

YesJili Casino

Salient features

📌 Beautiful design and powerful performance
📌 Optimized for desktop experience
📌 Cross-platform support (Windows, macOS)
📌 Professional user experience

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GogoJili Casino

GogoJili Casino is Jili Games’ authorization for online casinos operating on mobile and web platforms. With cross-platform compatibility and seamless user experience, GogoJili Casino allows players to enjoy their favorite games on any device.


Salient features

✨ Cross-platform compatible (mobile, desktop)
✨ Seamless user experience
✨ Friendly interface and easy to use
✨ Powerful performance on all devices

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AGJili Casino

AGJili Casino is authorized by JiliGames for online casinos operating in the field of sports gambling games. With features and an interface optimized for sports gambling games, AGJili Casino offers an engaging and relevant game experience for players in this industry.


Salient features

🚀 Optimized for sports gambling
🚀 Friendly interface and easy-to-use
🚀 Cross-platform support (mobile, desktop)
🚀 Compelling user experience

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188Jili Casino

188Jili Casino is authorized by Jili Games for online casinos operating in the field of traditional gambling games. With a classic design and features optimized for traditional casino games, 188Jili Casino offers a realistic and relevant gaming experience for players in the industry.

Salient features

⭐ Optimized for traditional casino games
⭐ Classic and luxurious design
⭐ Cross-platform support (mobile, desktop)
⭐ Realistic user experience

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Calculate copyright

Jili Games prides itself on the copyright of its games and authorization ecosystem. All games and solutions are developed by Jili Games’ team of experienced engineers and designers, ensuring originality and high quality.

In addition, JiliGames always strictly complies with relevant regulations and laws to ensure legal and transparent business operations. Online casinos that integrate Jili Games’ authorized ecosystem can rest assured about the copyright and legal compliance of the games and solutions.


Jili Games authorization ecosystem has proven successful and effective in helping online casinos integrate and deliver engaging games to their customers. With diverse authorizations such as FBJili Casino, CKJili Casino, YesJili Casino, GogoJili Casino, AGJili Casino, and 188Jili Casino, Jili Games has met the needs of online casinos operating on various platforms.

Besides, the copyright and legal compliance of Jili Games games and solutions ensure safety and transparency for online casinos. With strong investment in technology and design, Jili Games continues to improve the quality and innovation of its games, bringing unparalleled game experiences to players globally.

If you are looking for a reliable and innovative online casino game provider, Jili Games is the perfect choice. Learn more about their authorization ecosystem and experience unique and exciting games today!